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Rally Against Wage Theft

30 November 12pm
Outside Building BC
Deakin Burwood Campus

Wage theft of casual academic staff is rife at Australian universities. So far, the NTEU has recovered:

  • $31 million at Melbourne University
  • $10 million at RMIT
  • $8.6 million at Monash

Yet Deakin still insists that there is no systemic wage theft at Deakin University.

It’s time for Deakin University to ‘FESS UP and PAY UP!’

The underpayment of casual staff doesn’t just impact casual staff. The piece rate model that has resulted in significant underpayments of Deakin sessional staff is directly linked to the broken workload model.

Come along and support your casual colleagues in their fight to win back their stolen wages.

Together we bargain. Divided we beg.

In unity,

Deakin Casuals Action Network & Deakin NTEU Branch