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Union win! SHSS members force unfair WAM review

In recent weeks, the NTEU has activated several mechanisms to contest the unfair workload model on behalf of staff who have worked tirelessly to contest the grossly unfair workload model and its application.

In the Faculty of Arts and Education, 167 Staff signed an open letter calling on the faculty to review all the formulas across teaching, research and service, activating the review procedure in our current enterprise agreement, which requires 50% of staff working under a WAM to request a review. This is a significant achievement.

On June 16, the NTEU filed a dispute on behalf of staff in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, who have raised a range of breeches of the current enterprise agreement. This follows significant correspondence between the NTEU and the University since October 2022. We will keep you updated as the matter progresses.

If you work in SHSS, and want to know more about how you can be involved, email:

Collectively, these two actions gesture toward the multiple failures of the present workload model that adversely affect staff across all four faculties of the university. We need a big picture solution, and we hope to find that through bargaining.