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How does Deakin’s pay offer compare to the sector?

Deakin University’s agreement offers a 2.85% pay per annum pay rise (14.25% over five years). The tables below show the difference in take-home pay between Deakin’s pay offer and the university sector average pay increase*, over the 5 years of Deakin’s proposed “Agreement”.

See the full spreadsheet here.

You deserve a better deal. Vote No, so we can return to negotiations with management and win you a better deal. 

Click here for a more detailed breakdown of your how your wages would compare to the sector average on Deakin’s proposed agreement.

* the average of NTEU-negotiated agreements in the current round of bargaining in Australian universities – includes Western Sydney University, Australian Catholic University, University of Technology, Sydney and Queensland University of Technology.

You deserve a better deal. 

What happens if you vote No?  

Deakin’s Enterprise Agreement will apply for the next three years if this deal is voted up. But if the majority of Deakin staff vote NO, management will get the clear message that staff want them to come back to the bargaining table to negotiate a better deal with the NTEU. At other universities where similar management attempts to bypass negotiations and put inadequate deals to staff votes have been voted down, managements have already come back to the bargaining table with better wage offers. 

This is not the best that Deakin management can do. Their draft ‘agreement’ should get a fail grade, and they should be told to go back and listen to the voice of staff – the NTEU. 

Why Vote No? Read more about how Deakin’s dud deal also fails to address job security, working-from-home rights, workloads, and more.