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Vote no to Deakin’s dud deal

Deakin management are offering a pay cut in real terms in the latest staff enterprise agreement and are stripping our conditions. We deserve better, which is why we are voting NO to the proposed agreement.

What is wrong with the agreement currently offered to staff?

  • The pay offer is too low at 2.85%, which will result in a pay CUT in real terms over the life of the agreement.
  • There are no meaningful reductions to workload pressures which will only continue to grow.
  • No targets for secure jobs and decasualisation.

Recent average annual pay increases across the country below

What happens next?

If we send a strong message and vote NO, management will be inclined to bargain with the union, resulting in an offer that reflects staff priorities and needs. At universities where staff have voted NO, every single University has come back with a better offer. It is important to note that with more members and a highly engaged workforce. The better the pay offer will be. Already many staff have joined the union as part of this campaign to build pressure on senior management to do better.

Why VOTE NO? Check out how Deakin’s proposals fall short on pay, workloads, job security and more.

Not a member? Join NTEU and help us win better pay and conditions at Deakin.

What we all need to do next