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Respectful Work Arragements for Invasion Day: A disappointing response from our Vice Chancellor

In the leadup to the public holiday this week the NTEU Deakin Branch reached out to the Vice Chancellor, Iain Martin asking his support to allow all staff to substitute this public holiday for another suitable day, agreed with their line manager.

We are disappointed to report that our request has been rejected, despite the standards set by other universities. You can read Professor Martin’s full response below:

While for many Australia Day is a chance to acknowledge what they value about our life here, we absolutely acknowledge that for others the day is not one that is seen as a cause for celebration. We are actively considering how Deakin best accommodates this diversity of view. We have looked at making a change this year but given the summer break and the number of people who have already made leave arrangements for 2023 our intention is to look at this and communicate whole of university guidance to staff well in advance of January 2024.

As we continue bargaining into 2023, we aim to enshrine the right to secure flexible working arrangements for all staff.

NTEU Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Committee also encourages members to participate in Invasion Day rallies on January 26. For further information and links to local events, see the NTEU website. Policy Committee Chair, Sharlene Leroy-Dyer will be making a video statement in coming days which will be shared on the National and Division Twitter accounts.