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Deakin Staff vote no to Deakin management’s proposed ‘agreement’

The NTEU Deakin Branch is pleased to announce that Deakin staff have voted no to Deakin’s proposed enterprise agreement.

In brief:

  • 62% voted no
  • 38% voted yes

Deakin has not released the number of staff who voted.

Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to negotiate a better deal. We believe that all staff at Deakin deserve a better pay rise, enshrined working from home rights, secure jobs, and fair workloads. Your response provides a clear message that their deal was not good enough on these key issues affecting all staff at Deakin University.

Where do we go from here?

We know that Deakin staff want a new agreement. To this end, thanks to actions by our members, we have secured a bargaining meeting on Thursday 11 May 2023, with decision-makers from management so we can progress negotiations.

We still need to apply industirial pressure though to keep mgmt accountable.