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Bargaining update #6: Management offers a pay cut and more hours, we vote for industrial action

On 14 March 23, the Deakin NTEU bargaining team met with management to continue our negotiations for a new enterprise agreement. We remain significantly apart on a range of issues. Management’s offers are entirely unsatisfactory. They’ve offered:

  • An inadequate salary increase of 2.85% per year
  • Nothing of any meaning to reduce casual employment
  • Token effort to improve academic workloads (in fact, management has proposed increasing weekly hours!)

It is worth noting that the University management continues to provide misleading information in their communications to members. For instance, while they claim that they have converted hundreds of casual staff to ongoing roles, they have not provided data that distinguishes these conversions into professional and academic categories. We suspect this would tell a very different story …

In the video update, Piper Rodd (Deakin NTEU Branch President), Rhidian Thomas (Industrial Officer) and Jack Kirne (NTEU Division Organiser) explain why this has motivated the branch to ballot for industrial action and what you can do to help.

Vote ‘Yes’ in the Protection Action Ballot

The Protected Action Ballot will open on 28 March and close on 4 April.

Importantly, you are voting to give your fellow union members the right to take industrial action. Voting “Yes” does not mean you have to take those actions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the ballot please do not hesitate to get in touch at

Please talk to your colleagues about the ballot, and share this email with them. If they’re not union, ask them to join! Remember, together we bargaining, divided we beg.

In Unity
Deakin NTEU Branch