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Bargaining Update #3: Academic Workloads and Leave

On Friday 16 December 2022, we met with management to continue our discussions for a new enterprise agreement.

We tabled our proposals for changes to the academic workload model, including:

  • The establishment of a 40/40/20 split as a baseline in all workload allocations
  • The establishment of staff-led workload committees

You can read the full draft clause here.

The university has offered no responses to these claims as of 16.12.22.

We also discussed matters of leave. As outlined in our last vlog, there are several promising developments, that will improve the leave conditions for all staff.

However, these expanded entitlements do not affect 40% of Deakin’s staff. We have tabled a modest request for sick leave entitlements, to which Deakin remains reluctant to embrace which would afford five days of cumulative leave per trimester.

As outlined in Stacey Walton’s email to staff earlier today the university has agreed to:

  • “Provide three additional University Holidays per year (Labour Day, King’s Birthday and Melbourne Cup Day) as well as retaining our Christmas Close Down Period
  • Increase the amount of paid partner leave available to staff from two to four weeks
  • Enable greater access to primary carer and personal leave including enabling staff to use up to two days of their personal leave per annum to support their wellbeing (including promotion of physical and mental health and preventative health activities)
  • Increase the number of days available for compassionate leave from three to five days
  • Increase the number of days available for cultural leave from five to ten days
  • Streamline and simplify evidentiary requirements for applying for a range of leave
  • Provision of 30 day Gender Affirmation leave”

We will continue our discussions in the new year.

In Unity

Deakin NTEU Branch