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Bargaining Update #1: Getting started

On the 13th of October the Deakin NTEU Branch met with management to commence the bargaining process. You can meet a few members of our bargaining team members in the video below and learn about the day’s events. 

Bargaining Update: 13.10.22

Feel free to share the video with your colleagues.

Key takeaways from the 13.10.22 Meeting: 

  • Today was about meeting Deakin University’s bargaining team. 
  • The general tone was positive from both sides: we are embracing the opportunity to make progress and improve our conditions. 
  • As a gesture of goodwill, the university has offered assurance that there will be no reduction of the conditions in our existing EA. 

We’re excited to keep bargaining and look forward to working to win you and your colleagues better conditions. 

If you want to read our log claims, you can do so here.

In Unity 

Deakin NTEU Branch